Tips for using Lobiloo!

Florists seem to barely have a free moment.  Our time is precious.. I know!  So as you explore Lobiloo, let me share some tips that you may not have had the time to get to yet.  These will make your life easier, give you more time and in turn, save you money as you move forward with Lobiloo as your new best friend!


-Create your titles of the arrangements first within the event (i.e. the Bridal Bouquet, Maids, Bout.’s, Corsages, Centerpieces, etc..).  Then select a flower that you will be using within the event (for example Juliet Roses). Then you drag and drop that flower over into the arrangements that you will be using them in (for example, if you are using the Juliets in just the Maids bouquets and the Centerpieces you would drag them over into those two designs).  Then you move onto the next flower.  This way you are just pulling up the image of the flower once and it makes pulling the designs together much easier.

-The cost out can be tailored to however you like to use it for your business.  You can put in the wholesale cost of each flower or the retail price.  The percent markup is also a very personal decision for every florist.  What I recommend is at first, after putting in your number of stems and the cost of each stem, put in what your cost would have been with your old way of doing your cost outs prior to Lobiloo.  See what we tell you your percent markup is.  Then you know that moving forward you can put in that percent markup and we will tell you your price for the client or you can always put in flat fees for boutonnieres and corsages if you so choose.

-Indeed you are not a bill collector, but we know that it is nice to be translucent with how much the client has paid and owes as well so that you feel comfortable charging their credit card when need be.  At the bottom of the estimate page you will notice that there is a payments tab.  As a client makes payments you can put this into the program and the payments will show up within the estimate for the client to see how much they have paid and how much that they still owe.  This transparency makes it so that you don’t have to chase down your clients anymore for payment as there is a clear picture of what is paid and what is owed to you based on the terms of your contract that your client has signed with the terms of when their payments are due.

There are so many more features that I would be happy to review with you.  So please reach out to us at Lobiloo so that we can help you figure out how Lobiloo can best be tailored for your business to save you time, money, and energy.


The life of a florist…more time for the art of it all.

I don’t claim to know the life of every florist for sure.  However, after 20 years of doing flowers in various capacities, I feel as if I have a pretty good gauge of how we live.  I read a post a while back on Flirty Fleurs that resembled an average day of a florist. It let me know that yes, I think we are all in the same boat for the most part (see post Life of a Florist).  Long days, sometimes flashbacks to college all nighters that you never hoped to revisit….hard work.  Physical, emotionally demanding at times…it is hard to even work in all the descriptions and could take up this entire post; however, rewarding is one that would be at the top of my list of descriptives.

I say all the time that I feel blessed.  Blessed in many capacities of my life for sure, but I feel blessed to be able to work with flowers in this way as my chosen profession.  I have loved being an artist and working with various mediums since my teenage years..many moons ago.  I can’t really imagine my life without doing some form of artistry in my every day life.  That is the reason why if someone had told me that I would create a piece of floral design software 20 years ago, I would have laughed in their face.  However, if someone had told me that I would create something that would help other artists express their medium, their color palette, keep track of their pricing, and help them control their business…maybe I would have believed them.

The world changed though from 20 years ago. With the internet, smartphones, iPads, clients changed and what they want from their florist changed.  They can see everything else that is sold to them.  Nothing else that they purchase for their wedding or event is a foreign language like the language of flowers.  Everything else had a visual or a taste test…not in our industry.  And so, Lobiloo was born.  The first image based estimate software tool for floral designers: Lobiloo: Floral Planning Made Simple!

Lobiloo gives me more time to do what my clients want me to do.  More time to be inspired for my clients, less time in front on the computer.  More time creating mood boards for them and being inspired by mother nature and less time creating cost outs and wholesale order forms.  Creating Lobiloo, yes, was selfish!  It enabled me to create estimates more easily for my clients in a day and age where they want visuals for all that they are paying for for the special moments in their lives

Lobiloo is a tool that every florist that does events should have.  It is a piece of floral design software tailored for florists.  It is not only tailored by its’ features but also by its’ price.  I know florists! I know we are not in it for the money and are not millionaires.  For $19/month you can have all the great tools of Lobiloo at your fingers every day, anywhere and it is affordable.

I wanted to start this blog as a means for florists to not only share how Lobiloo helps them, but also as a means to share other powerful information about our industry.  Furthermore as a means to share other elements that I find inspiring and possibly you would find inspiring as well.

photo credit: Rodeo and Company Photography